Speedometer Speed Box App Reviews

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Money back!

This application never worked on my 3GS iPhone despite having GPS activated. A total waste of money. Stay away!



Love it loads

I love this app. I use it as a passenger in a car to have a better idea how fast we are going. It works on planes too. This is cool !


I liked it before the 4.0 update. Now it just crashes over and over. Pathetic for an app I paid money for. Old version: 5 stars. New version (This one) 1 star.


Crashes about 20 seconds in. Very poor performance for a paid app. Do not buy, many of the free gps speed apps are much better and dont crash ever 10-20 seconds. I want my money back.

its awesome

best speedometer app so far, nice GUI, no crashes on 3GS or 4, and its ACCURATE, responds in <2 seconds to movement just over 5 km/h and is +/- 1 km/h accurate


So far its good no problems and its accurate

Very useful and accurate

I use this all the time in my older cars which do not have the most accurate gauge or doesnt have Kms on the speedo. The heads up feature is really cool, except will kill the battery in no time.

Sport rider

Doesnt work on my i phone!!!!


This app does what I expect of it. The accuracy is what I hoped for.


I was looking so forward to this app but now that i bought i regret wasting the money. The main reason I bought was for the HUD display, but it didnt seem to work. Even after re downloading still nothing. Althougg

Works pretty well!

The only issue I have is that sometimes the GPS accuracy cuts out, but that could be a cause of being inside a building, other than that Im quite satisfied!

Awesome app

Truck driver approved

Great app, has everything I need

When the speedo on my car broke I was out of luck. Soonest time was 2 weeks before I could get a new cable shipped from out of country. Was able to sticky my phone to the dash and use this as a temp speedo. Kept me out of a lot of trouble haha Nothing but praise for this


App ok, but need more features.


Didnt know what to expect buying this app, but totally worth it. Let it sit for a minute or two to calibrate and it is accurate within 5 km/h

Not worth the $

Dont buy the upgraded version. Many upgraded features do not work. The max speed does not register every time. Ive tested the accuracy with my own gps device that I use for monster mile shoot outs and top speed showdowns and this can be very inaccurate, at times it was 20+ km/h off!!!

Buy it

Works flawlessly on my 4s. I had no idea exactly how inaccurate my speedometer was on my jetta until I bought this app. No more guessing about how far I push the speed limit now!

Works fine

I also had a car with a terrible speedometer, so I got this app and it really helps. Just for fun, I wish that it could show you a number for your current altitude, not just a graph.

Perfect Functionality

This app is incredible at what its designed to do. I use it all the time on the highway. Some times I use it when its hard to read the mph meter in my Canadian speedometer. I love the altitude function for when Im in the mountains. Its very interesting seeing the beginning to end height difference. This is a good buy.

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