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Speedometer Speed Box app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2800 ratings )
Utilities Travel Navigation
Developer: Hans Schneider
3.99 USD
Current version: 8.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Jul 2008
App size: 5.2 Mb

“Awesome!!! The best speed app on iphone” 5 Stars by kurtonic

Speed Box is a Speedometer and GPS app for both your iPhone and iPad. It displays your current speed, distance, direction and altitude along with your top speed and average speed. The app also keeps a record of the speed and altitude for the last few hours.


* One app for both the iPhone and iPad
* "Speak speed" - Tap screen to have the speed spoken to you
* 11 Analog and digital speedometers
* Map view
* Maximum and average speed
* Altitude
* Digital compass
* HUD display to see speed in windshield
* Odometer to measure distance traveled
* Chart of the traveled speed and altitude
* Warning signal when driving too fast
* Export last 3 hours of data
* Change maximum displayed speed on speedometer
* Swipe finger over chart to display historic data
* Display GPS accuracy by tapping the indicator in the top left corner


5 Stars by Darekakuta
"Just what I needed. My 58 chevs speedo doesnt work. This did the trick."

5 Stars by Rawd
"Great My 79 Firebird speedo only goes to 140 kmh. ;). This worked perfectly."

5 Stars
"Within 1 mile per hour +/- Great Job!"

SpeedBox was one of the very early Speedometer Apps for the iPhone. Take advantage of my experience and the refined algorithms that can get a much greater accuracy from the iPhone then a lot of other apps. I regularly update my application to make it even more accurate and usable.

Users have already used our application to verify the accuracy of their cars speedometer or they tried measuring the speed they achieved while skiing. Can you come up with more ideas? How about measuring the speed of the airplane you travel with?

The "GPS strength" indicator in the top left corner should display a green dot. You can tap this indicator to display the current GPS accuracy.

Please allow the application up to a minute to find enough satellites to work correctly.

If you get a message to enable GSP, please go to ”Settings > General > Location Services“ on your iPhone and check if the little switch is set to "On" for Speed Box as well as for "Location Services" in general.

ATTENTION iPod touch users! Unfortunately this app doesnt work very well on the iPod touch and the iPad WiFI (without 3G) since these devices are missing a GPS!

If youve got any wishes or suggestions for new features, please let me know with the contact form on this applications website (see link below).

I am already working on the next update!

Pros and cons of Speedometer Speed Box app for iPhone and iPad

Speedometer Speed Box app good for

I love this app. I use it as a passenger in a car to have a better idea how fast we are going. It works on planes too. This is cool !
best speedometer app so far, nice GUI, no crashes on 3GS or 4, and its ACCURATE, responds in <2 seconds to movement just over 5 km/h and is +/- 1 km/h accurate
I use this all the time in my older cars which do not have the most accurate gauge or doesnt have Kms on the speedo. The heads up feature is really cool, except will kill the battery in no time.
This app does what I expect of it. The accuracy is what I hoped for.
The only issue I have is that sometimes the GPS accuracy cuts out, but that could be a cause of being inside a building, other than that Im quite satisfied!
When the speedo on my car broke I was out of luck. Soonest time was 2 weeks before I could get a new cable shipped from out of country. Was able to sticky my phone to the dash and use this as a temp speedo. Kept me out of a lot of trouble haha Nothing but praise for this

Some bad moments

This application never worked on my 3GS iPhone despite having GPS activated. A total waste of money. Stay away!
Crashes about 20 seconds in. Very poor performance for a paid app. Do not buy, many of the free gps speed apps are much better and dont crash ever 10-20 seconds. I want my money back.
I was looking so forward to this app but now that i bought i regret wasting the money. The main reason I bought was for the HUD display, but it didnt seem to work. Even after re downloading still nothing. Althougg
Dont buy the upgraded version. Many upgraded features do not work. The max speed does not register every time. Ive tested the accuracy with my own gps device that I use for monster mile shoot outs and top speed showdowns and this can be very inaccurate, at times it was 20+ km/h off!!!
I bought it to find out how fast i can go with my long board but it has to be connected to a gps signal! Its pretty much useless dont buy it
Crash when trying to go in setup menu. Still crashing in 5.2.1.

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